Review & Testimonial

"As well as the astonishing quality of your artistic work, which mesmerised us all, it was a revelation to see the scientific process through the eyes of an artist, and to understand how closely interlinked these two fields can be." "Your talk has certainly transformed my personal understanding of the role of art in science and all of our students have been most appreciative also" Anne Bedford. Programme Area Manager, Science. Haringey Sixth Form. Jan 2015

“Geoffrey Harrison’s Brainiarb series… evoked a sense of awe, classic beauty, and enigmatic mystery belonging to an outward morphology that conceals the brain’s inner cosmos.” - Stephen Nowlin, Director, Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery. Pasadena, California - Oct 2014

“(me . complete . you) is one of the best exhibitions I've seen in London this summer. Barts Pathology Museum is absolutely fascinating in its own right, yet this exhibition provides the crucially important context to the body parts on display.” “This is the best marriage of exhibition and location I could imagine and just about the ideal example of the crucial marriage between science and art.” - David James. London City Nights. - Aug 2013

“rather beautiful art” - Robert Elms, BBC Radio London. - Aug 2013

"really, really beautiful" BBC Radio London Oct 2011

"It is always intriguing to see different ways anatomy is used as subject matter in art, so it was great to see work from figurative artist Geoffrey Harrison... I found these artworks to be quite playful and very much a paradox – they appear to be able to live off and feed back into themselves." - Claire Jones, - Apr 2011
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